Our Response To COVID-19

Mazda COVID-19 Message:

To our valued members; The Kamloops Mazda team is committed to serving you safely and reliably in the days ahead, our clubhouse has taken extra protective measures to help ensure your health and safety and the health and safety of our employees. To do so we have implemented several changes to our clubhouse and have outlined the recent changes that have occurred at our Kamloops location below.

The Clubhouse:

  • First and foremost our employees have been educated on all COVID-19 symptoms and are required to fill out and declare, to the best of their knowledge, that they are in good health and have no COVID-19 related symptoms. Should they find themselves showing symptoms they have been instructed to remain at home and to not come to work until they have been tested and receive medical clearance to return to work.
  • Located at both entrances of the clubhouse are posters of the protective measures that have been implemented, we respectfully ask that you abide by these new protective measures to help ensure the health and safety of yourself and others in the clubhouse.
  • We have installed hand sanitization stations located at every entrance and request that you sanitize your hands each time you enter the clubhouse and protective face masks are available at our main entrance.
  • Guided floor signs have been installed to help manage the flow of foot traffic while maintaining an adequate 6ft distance required for social distancing.
  • All commercial visitors, including couriers, are required to sign in and out of the clubhouse to better track visitors.
  • Our entire clubhouse has all surfaces, handles, washrooms and high tough points sanitized every hour and is logged in our cleaning log sheet.
  • We have a professional cleaning team that comes in every evening to clean and sanitize the clubhouse.
  • All desks have protective shields that are installed for the safety of you and our employees.

Test Drives and Serviced Vehicles:

  • All vehicles that are worked on in our repair shop are sanitized before and after work has been completed.
  • Our service department has a mandatory sanitization checklist that is completed and signed off upon completion.
  • Our sales team has a mandatory sanitization checklist that must be completed before every test drive and must be signed off on upon completion.

If there are any concerns about your visit we are always striving to do better and welcome all feedback, please direct these concerns to the email provided below.

Many thanks,

Colin McGill

General Manager

Kamloops Mazda